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Site Marketing

Full Page Ads,  Logo/Banner Advertising and Free White Pages

SoZo's Full Page Web Ads with Site and Product Advertising are at a special rate of only $19.95/month after the free trial period

Internet advertising is the advertising choice of today and the future since more and more people are using the web and doing searches on the web. Increase your web presence by getting on our mutlple search engines with your Ad Caption in the middle of the Search Results screens.  Included in our Site Marketing free internet account is Product Advertising.  You can place product images on your Advertising Page with hyperlinks to the exact page on your site for web surfers to see or buy.  This full page Ad is called a Directory Link Page which is a separate HTML page we place on over 20 Business Directories.   

After we receive each payment from you, we will send you a special email that has critical advice for search rankings. Included in this special email is the latest Site Analysis of your Home Page analyzing your HTML META TAGS and warning you if you are missing any information as well as giving you SEO (Search Engine Optimizatino) Tips that will help you with your search engine rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

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SoZo's Logo / Banner Advertising rates start at $29.95/month

Internet Special Pricing on now! Get Your 0.75 X 1.5 inch image on our Business Directory sites for only $29.95/month!  Get your 0.75 X 6 inch image on our Business Directory Table Of Contents sites for only $39.95/month.  Your images are hyperlinked to your specfic site page!  When web surfers click on your image they are taken to your location on your site to help you drive more business.  Advertise to new potential customers on what you have to offer.   Click on this link for more information.


Get Your Web Site And Ad Caption On 20+ Business Directories, 10+ Blog Sites - FOR FREE!

Click on this FREE White Pages link to add your web site and Ad Caption to over 20 business directory listings including some blog sites for FREE! This includes a FREE internet account to change your Ad Caption as often as desired. Your Ad Caption (up to 100 characters long) is displayed in the 20 + Business directories with a hyperlink to your home page.

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