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Free White Pages 

Get Your Site/Ad Caption On 20+ Business Directories - FOR FREE!

Click on this FREE White Pages link to add your web site and Ad Caption to over 20 business directory listings including some blog sites for FREE! This includes a FREE internet account to change your Ad Caption as often as desired. Your Ad Caption (up to 100 characters long) is displayed in the 20 + Business directories with a hyperlink to your home page.

So sign up now for this FREE service clicking on this link: FREE White Pages to get your site and ad caption up in the next business day! 


Increase the Traffic to your Web Site with Full Page Ads

SoZo Internet Advertising Services:  It is time more web surfers find your site to buy your services and products.  Increase your web presence by getting advertising on more locations on the internet (with no pay per click charges) and maximizing SEO.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is information how the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo search your site. If you dont know about SEO you could have a hard time being found on the major search engines. We give you an internet account when you sign up to customize your ad caption that shows up right in the Search Results Grid on all our search sites! You also get a Full Page Ad (with keyword links to your site) on over 20 business directories, 4 business serach engines and multiple Blog sites.  We email you SEO Tips to help increase your rankings in the major serach engines.  We also send you a free site analysis of your web site!  We have a 30-day free promotion so click on this link to sign up: .



Our Search Engines

Shows your advertising caption in the middle of the Search Results screens with a hyperlink to take web surfers to your full Ad Page.  Change your Ad as often as you wish!

Allows only businesses and non-profit organizations web sites on their search engine so you don't have to sift through irrelevant information

Crawls only web sites that sign up with us making it easier for you to be on the front page

Why Is SoZo Superior?

No one else offers site and product internet marketing at a low cost(flat rate) of $19.95/month with no PPC charges!

You get a full Ad page which is a separate HTML page that the major search engines can pick up.

Your full page Ad is called a Directory Link Page and is added to over 20 Business Directories with an index also.

We give you 2 images(any size) that web surfers can click on to take you into a certain page on your site to buy.  Click here for an example of Product Advertising.

Effective Advertising for your dollar! Rather than spending up to $20 per word on a Pay Per Click program, you can advertise with us for only $19.95/month for all the services included below. Some firms spend $80,000 per month on Web Marketing Campaigns to get on the front page. On SoZo Search Sites we treat all customers the same for only $19.95 / month per domain!

Internet Marketing Services

After you sign up with us your web site is automatically added to, not only 1, but multiple SoZo Search Web Sites ( ,,, ).    Click here for an example of your Ads found in a Search.

You are granted your own private web account to Add/Edit your ad caption to attract more web surfers to your web site through our web search sites listed above. We also submit your site to Google and Yahoo.

You are given an extra htm Directory Link Page to edit with your custom information which links back to your home page.  This Directory Link Page (or mini web page) can also be found by a direct URL path for crawlers. Also this page will appear on 20+ separate web sites/pages on the internet to expand your web presence! 

Unlimited clicks!  No PPC or click charges!  Automatic billing on your credit card. (30 day cancellation if ever you decide to opt out of this $19.95 monthly recurring charge)

Resellers and Volume Discounts

We have a reseller/volume discount program for firms that want to set up at least 5 domains or more for themselves or for their clients. For more information, email us at the following: