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Joolma Installation instructions


Joomla is a Content Management System that allows more than 1 user to make changes to a web site before it is published.  You can assign client users to different parts of the web site to make changes themselves so that they dont have to go to a computer programmer for simple text changes or new paragraphs.  Sozo Hosting offers Joomla installation support not Joomla product support.  For resources and information on what Joomla can do, click on the links in step 13 below.


It is free. There is no monthly charge for it.  Joomla is a free open source program that you download from  If you are confident in programming and performing file transfers, you can do the install Joomla yourself on your own hosting plan by following the instructions below.  If you want Sozo Hosting to do the install of Joomla for you, then click here to email us as we only charge a one-time installation fee of $50 (installed on Linux platform) for this install including emailing you your new passwords and URL links.  We are not responsible for the free joomla code nor training you how to use it.

Installation Steps

1)       Open a new internet browser on and login to your Sozo Hosting control panel account for your hosting plan.  Turn on PHP if it is not already turned on.  Version 4 or version 5 is fine so whatever you need for your web site.

 2)      Add a new mySQL database.  Click on the mySQL database wizard menu option and add a new database name and user login.  Make sure you remember the database password that you add.  Click on the edit icon for the user you added and change the role type for that user to DBA and click on the Grant button to grant DBA rights for that db user you added.

3)      You will need a file transfer program however assuming you update files to your web hosting plan, you can use that same file transfer method

4)      Open a second browser window to , click on the black icon that days DOWNLOAD Latest (which at this time is version 1.5) and save this zip file to your computer.

5)      Back on your SoZo Hosting control panel account, click on the File Manager Icon, go under your web site folder and add a new folder called something like: cms

( this new "cms" folder will be where the published files from Joomla show up. Note cms standards for content management system.)

 6)      From step 4 above, copy the zip file you downloaded from to the new folder you just created in step 5 above.  After the zip file is transferred to your web site, click on the this zip file (assuming you are still using the File Manager program on your Sozo Hosting control panel account) and then click on the uncompress button on the right of your file manager screen.   This will unzip the file.   Unzipping this file will create a dozen or more new folders so be patient until the unzip is complete.

7)      Open a third internet browser window and enter the following in the URL: where cms is the name of the folder you created in step 5 above.  When this URL location opens up on your internet browser, you will following the steps below to install Joomla starting with step 8 below

8)      Click on the next button for the first few screens.  On the database connection screen, enter the database info from step 2 above.  For the database IP host, login into your SoZo control panel account, click on the mySQL icon and read the IP address at the top of screen,  On the next screen enter a name for the PROJECT NAME something like "yourwebsitename_CMS" or any name you want.  (CMS stands for Content Management System).  Click on the next button as there is not need to ftp anything anymore. 

9)      For the Admin screen, enter the password for the MAIN ADMINISTRATOR of this Joomla project.  Make sure you remember the password that you add. 

10)   On the next screen you will be prompted in RED FONT to delete the installation folder. Go back to your Sozo Hosting control panel account for your hosting plan screen (first internet window you opened in setp1 ), and if  you are not in File Manager, click on the File Manager icon and go to the folder you created in step 5 above.  Delete the subfolder called INSTALLATION.  After that folder is deleted you can log out of the SoZo Hosting control panel account screen.

11)   Back on the Joomla installation screen, click on the Login to Admin button at the top right of your screen.  Before logging in, click on the ADD TO FAVORITES internet browser option to remember this URL.  Login with the username of admin and the password you created in step 9 above. 

12)   You are now in the Joomla CMS system where you can add new content and publish it.  When you publish it, the new content will show on where cms is the name of the folder you created in step 5 above.    Login out of the Admin Joomla system when you are done.  You can log back into the admin system with the saved URL in step 11 or manually enter the URL: where the first half of the URL is from step 5 above.

13)   Joomla is a free system with no monthly charge.  Joomla was not written by Sozo Hosting so we do not teach you how to use it since it is a free system.  For help to use Joomla, go to the links here :, go to resources on etc.