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How To Set Up New Mail Service On Your New Web Site Domain

If you are adding a new web site through the Sozo Hosting Control panel, and want mail service for that new domain(web site), make sure you select the Mail Service option on the control panel screens while you are adding this new web site domain.

Exciting Email Configuration Options

When you log on to your Sozo Hosting Control panel account, and selet the new web site domain you added in the step above, you have many exciting options. You can add new email accounts, add an alias to an email account and even add mail forwarding on an email account.  We also recommend you check the anti-spam and anti-virus check boxes at the top of your screen for each new email account you add on this new domain.  Come into this screen periodically to monitor the amount of space each email account is using,    You will not be able to fully test your new email accounts out until you do the step below.

Contact Us - We Need To Configure Your New Mail Domain In Our Global Anti-Spam Devices

When you have completed the above steps, send an email to us at telling us the name of your new web site domain. We usually take about 1 business day to set up your mail services for this domain ion our Global Anti-Spam Devices.