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How To Configure a new website in IIS on your windows dedicated server:

1. To configure a new website in IIS go to start menu, programs, administrative tools and then Internet Services Manager.

2. On the left side of the window you will see the server name. Expand the local machine and right click on Web Sites and select New Website.

3. You will now be in a setup wizard, click Next to began, type in a description or the domain name of the site you are setting up.  Select Next.

4. If this is a site that does not require a dedicated ip address you will select the shared ip in the drop down list. Select port 80.  Type in the domain name in the host header field. If this is a site with a dedicated ip address you will select the dedicated ip address and you will leave the host header field blank.  Click Next.

5. Next you will be prompted to enter your home directory path.  You will browse and select the folder on the system that will contain the website content (files).  Check allow anonymous access to the website.  Click Next.

6. Select the check boxes for the type of permission you would like. Be careful in the section, be sure you only select the permission that are necessary for your site. Read and Run scripts is the most common. Click Next.

7. Click Next and then Finish.

How to Configure IIS FTP for Multiple Named Websites on your windows dedicated server:

To create the FTP Site, please follow these steps:

1. Log into the server and open IIS.

2. Expand local computer and expand FTP Sites.

3. Right click FTP Sites, click New and select FTP Sites.

4. Click Next to begin the wizard.

5. Enter a name for the FTP site and click Next. This name can be anything you wish.

6. Select the primary IP address for the server and click Next.  

7. Select Do not isolate users and click Next.

8. Enter a path to an empty directory that will not be used and click Next. Windows should have c:\inetpub\ftproot\ created for you to use.   ·         NOTE: Be sure this directory is empty.

9. Leave the default permissions (read only) and click Next.  

10. Click Finish.  

To create each virtual directory, please follow these steps:

1. Right click the FTP site created above, click New and select Virtual Directory.  

2. Click Next to begin the wizard.

3. Enter a name for the virtual directly and click Next. This name can be anything you wish, but should reflect the website for easy tracking.  

4. Enter the path to the websites folder and click Next.  

5. Check both Read and Write (you can't write if you don't have write permissions) and click Next.

6. Click Finish.  

To assign the proper permissions to the website folder, please follow these steps:

1. Right click the virtual directory created above and select Permissions.  

2. Under Permissions for Administrators, click Advanced.  

3. Uncheck Allow inheritable permissions from the parent...  

4. Click Copy and then click OK.  

5. Click Add.  

6. Enter the ftp username for this website and click OK.  

7. Select the user that was added and check the Modify permissions. This will allow the FTP user to upload files through FTP.  

8. Click Add.

9. Click Advanced and then click Find Now.  

10. Within the list of users, double click IUSR and click OK. The exact name may vary, but will look similar to IUSR_TEMPLATE.

11. Click OK

You should now be able to connect to your website through FTP. When connecting, you may need to specify the IP address as well as the folder. In the case of the above example, you would connect to youripaddr/domain1