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What Control Panel does Sozo use for Linux Virtual Server (Linux VPS):

Sozo uses webmin for dedicated servers.  Webmin allows the user to add sites through Apache, add databases using Mysql, add system users, monitor the system and much more.  This is all done through the webmin interface.

If I have a Mysql database how can I upload this to my Linux Virtual Server (Linux VPS) ?

You would login to your Linux Virtual Server (Linux VPS) with a super user and run the command, mysql < databasefile.sql .  This will add all the databases included in the databasefile.sql  (database file).

What if I require more memory or CPU resources?

If you require more memory or CPU resources than a virtual linux dedicated server,  take a look at our linux dedicated server page. Our linux dedicated servers will provide you with an independant system with its own memory and CPUs.

We also have Linux Cloud Hosting solutions. Click on this Linux The Cloud link for more information.