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Cloud Servers

Our Cloud Server Infrastructure is located in an Atlanta Georgia Data center that is SSAE-16, SOC-2 compliant. All cloud servers are scalable to grow as your business needs grow.  Add more memory, CPU and disk in minutes!  You will be able to choose from Linux operating systems as well as Windows operating systems. Our staff takes pride in providing EXCELLENT SUPPORT, eager to help you setup your server and assist with your support needs. Call or email us with any questions you might have. 1-800-640-4892 or email us at 

Testimonial - "Our company hosts 34 domains on 2 dedicated servers with a shared SQL Server with Sozo Hosting. The personable customer support, ease of setting up and installing everything, speed in which they respond to requests and the overall value of the services we receive are the things that will keep us happy customers for many years to come."  Cox Media Group



Cloud Server Plans CPU  Disk                Memory Bandwidth  Monthly Price Signup

1 vcpu's -X5560 2.8ghz

 40GB              1GB RAM  300 GB  $69.95

 Standard Cloud Server


2 vcpu's-X5560 2.8ghz

 80GB              2GB RAM  500 GB

 $109.95   $93.46-* Special

 Advanced Cloud Server

Advanced Plus

2 vcpu's-X5560 2.8ghz

100GB             3GB RAM  500 GB  $134.95   $114.71-* Special

 linux VM server advanced plus


2 vcpu's-X5560 2.8ghz

150GB             4GB RAM

 1000 GB  $159.95   $135.95-* Special

 Professional Cloud Server Server

Professional Plus

4 vcpu's-X5560 2.8ghz

220GB             8GB RAM

 1000 GB $ 229.95   $195.45-* Special

 linux VM server professional plus

Featured vcpu's-X5560 2.8ghz 300GB            16GB RAM  1000 GB $ 309.95   $279.95-* Special  linux VM server professional plus

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Managed Cloud Servers Include:


Cloud Server:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer control panel licensing?

Yes we offer Cpanel with WHM for virtual servers for $14 per month.

Is there a setup fee?

There is a $50 setup fee for the Cloud Servers.

What operating system and applications are installed with your Linux Cloud Servers?

We will build your system with centos, apache, mysql and webmin. You are free to install other applications and customize your Cloud Server as you see fit.

What operating system and applications are installed with your Windows Cloud Servers?

We will build your system with 2008R2 or 2012R2. You are free to install other applications and customize your Windows cloud server as you see fit.

What kind of Server Hardware do you run the Cloud Server systems on?

We use Dell Power Edge servers with Xeon virtual technology processors.

Do you backup the Cloud Servers?

Cloud Servers are backed upon request from the client for free up to 130 GB of disk space.  Cloud Server backup costs are $15/month/100 GB increment above 130 GB. See more details about our backup services

Do your plans offer a custom DNS and email control panel?

Yes we offer both. 

How many IP Addresses do you offer with the Cloud Server?

Each Cloud Server comes with 2 dedicated IP addresses.

What does it cost for additional bandwidth?

$75/month for an additional 500GB per month although most clients will not need this unless they have very high bandwidth requirements.

Do You Offer Upgrades To Existing Cloud Server System Configurations?

Yes we have 2 upgrade options: OPTION 1)   SATA2 Disk - 1 vcpu's-Xeon 3.16ghz, 20gig SATA2 HD, 500mb burst of RAM for an additional $40/month  and OPTION 2)  SAS (high Speed) Disk - 1 vcpu's-Xeon 3.16ghz, 30gig SAS HD, 500mb burst of RAM for an additional $50/month.

Do you offer dedicated servers?

Yes Sozo Hosting offers windows dedicated server and Linux dedicated server as an option .