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Disaster Recovery Data Replication

Sozo Hosting Disaster Recovery Data Replication For Your Business

Sozo Hosting is now offering full local and off-site Data Replication Services for our clients. You might ask, what are Data Replication Services? Essentially Data Replication Services provide a secondary site for your system or VM's backups.  This provides business continuity for your data in case of a disaster event such as a fire, flood, hurricane, terrorist attack or any disaster that destroys your business office and your precious data.  If this happens and you have our data replication service in place, you can still rebuild your VM's or servers using our bare metal restore technology. Call or email us with any questions you might have. 1-800-640-4892 or email us at 


Sozo Hosting can provide Data Replication Services for clients who have systems hosted in our data centers and also for systems in any office or data center location. 

Reasons to consider Data Replication Services:

  • This provides a secondary restore point for your systems in case of a disaster event

  • Governance and compliance standards are now requiring companies to have data replicated to a secondary location

  • This is one of the major steps in having a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your organization

  • Continuity Planning and Management Magazine indicated that 40 percent of companies that shut down for three days or more due to a disaster event failed within 36 months

  • As a business owner you will sleep better at night knowing your business is replicating your business data to a secondary location

  • Data replication plans can be customized to replicated several times daily or weekly


See below for some of the custom Data Replication options that we offer to our clients:

What is required to set up the systems replication? Step 1 -  We set up local backups for your systems first. This uses our backup vendor software and agent installations.  Once the local backups are in place, working, and verified we then set up the Data Replication process.  Step 2 - We set up a replication server in a secondary offsite location of your choosing (data center, remote office etc), Step 3 - Once this is in place, we begin replicating your data from location 1 to location 2. 

If you would like to have us set up data replication service for your company with an option indicated above please contact us. If you require a hot site for full disaster recovery, we can design an infrastructure and data replication plan for you. Call us for a 15 minute free consulation at: 1-800-640-4892 or email us at

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