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Windows Dedicated Server

Sozo Hosting offers Windows 2008 R2 Server and also Windows 2012 R2 Server.   Our engineers have been in the industry for the last 20 years, so we have the expertise to keep your severs running optimally and reliably. We have specialists in Windows Dedicated Server, Coldfusion Dedicated Server and Linux Dedicated Server. We provide IT Managed Solutions, customized server and network infrastructures to meet your requirements. We offer a guarantee of 99.99% uptime and servers that are reliable and fast.  All our windows dedicated servers are managed servers.  See below to see what is included with your managed windows dedicated server. 

We have a 24/7 dedicated staff ready to support your dedicated server hosting needs. Also as an added feature speak to our staff today and learn how we can help your business grow. Give us a call at 1-844-HOST-NOW or email us with any questions.

Plan CPU Memory Disk Space Bandwidth Microsoft SQLServer Monthly Price Signup
Standard Intel Dual Core 2.2ghz 4 GB 160 GB 1000 GB 300 MB $150 Standard Windows Dedicated Server
Advanced Intel Quad Core 2.4ghz 8 GB 500 GB RAID 1 1500 GB 500 MB $225 Advanced Windows Dedicated Server
Professional Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.4ghz 16 GB 500 GB RAID1 2000 GB 800 MB $259 Professional Windows Dedicated Server 
Enterprise Intel E5620 8 Core 2.4ghz 24 GB 1000 GB RAID1 2000 GB 800 MB $299 (*great value) Enterprise Windows Dedicated Server 

Enterprise 32

Intel E5620​ 8 Core 2.4ghz 32 GB 1400 GB RAID5 2500 GB 1000 MB $349 (*20% discount) Enterprise Windows Dedicated Server
Enterprise 64 Intel E5620​ 8 Core 2.4ghz 64 GB 2000 GB RAID5 2500 GB 2000 MB $469 (*20% discount) Enterprise Windows Dedicated Server

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Windows Dedicated Server

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating system are the windows dedicated servers running?

Windows 2008 R2 Server (32/64 bit) and also Windows 2012 R2 Server . We also offer Windows enterprise edition for $50 additional per month.

Is there a setup fee?

Yes. The setup fee for a windows dedicated server is $99.

Do your dedicated servers include Microsoft SQL Server?

You have access to one of our central database servers at no additional cost. You can also use MySQL or MS Access databases on your own server. Your own installation of MSSQL Server is available at an additional cost depending on the cpu core count.  

Do you backup the Dedicated Servers?

Yes we can there is a charge starting at $35 for the first 250GB of data.  See more details about our backup services

Do you offer VPN connections?

VPN connections are included with your windows dedicated server.

What does it cost for additional bandwidth?

$75/month for an additional MBit/Second although most clients will not need this unless they have very high bandwidth requirements.

What control panel do you offer?

We offer H-Sphere control panel.

Is there a windows dedicated server support page?

You can find support answers for your windows dedicated server by going to our support page.

Do you offer virtual servers?

Another alternative to windows dedicated servers is virtual server windows, this could be more cost effective and allow you to easily add additional CPUs, memory and disk space as needed.

Managed Windows Dedicated Servers Include:

  • Windows 2008 or 2012 Server
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Proactive health monitoring
  • Access to central Microsoft SQL Server
  • Control Panel for email and DNS Servers
  • Intrusion Prevention Security Appliance
  • 24/7 Knowledgeable Support
  • Secured by Enterprise Firewalls
  • Spam filtering
  • 2 Dedicated IP Addresses