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Windows The Cloud

Sozo Hosting provides enterprise Windows Cloud Hosting solutions. Sozo provides fixed cost cloud servers. No surprises on your bill, No high costs associated with bandwidth memory or CPU usage. The Virtual environment is configured with multiple redundant hosts, redundant networks and a redundant storage area network. Each windows cloud server performs exactly like a stand-alone server with its own applications and users. The Windows Cloud Server can be rebooted independently and has its own root access, users, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries, IP addresses and configuration files. 

Some of the benefits of Windows Cloud Hosting are that you can very rapidly add additional memory, processing power, disk space and additional systems as needed to your cloud server. Call today for more information 1-800-640-4892, 678-640-0254 .

WINDOWS The Cloud Servers - Windows Server 2003, 2008 Cloud Hosting Technology, Root access Host unlimited domains, Install Custom Software, Reboot Server. Options for SATA or SAS (high-performance) drives.

Plan CPU Disk / Mem Bandwidth Monthly Price Signup

1 vcpu's -Xeon 3.16ghz

30GB(SATA2)/500mb-1gig bust
300 GB $69.95

Standard Virtual Dedicated Server


 2 vcpu's-Xeon 3.16ghz

50GB(SATA2)/1-1.5gig burst
500 GB $109.95

Advanced Virtual Dedicated Server

Advanced Plus

2 vcpu's-Xeon 3.16ghz 

60GB(15KSAS)/1.5-2gig burst
500 GB $134.95

linux VM server advanced plus


2 vcpu's-Xeon 3.16ghz

100GB(SATA2)/2.5-3gig burst

1000 GB $159.95

Professional Virtual Dedicated Server

Professional Plus

4 vcpu's-Xeon 3.16ghz

130GB(15KSAS)/4-5gig burst

1000 GB $229.95(*great value)

 linux VM server professional plus

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Windows The Cloud:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference with a 15KSAS drive and a SATA2 drive?

A 15KSAS drive is twice a fast as a SATA2 drives.  15KSAS drives are good to use with database servers or demanding applications.

Is there a setup fee?

There is a $50 setup fee for Windows The Cloud Servers.

What operating system and applications are installed with your Windows Cloud Servers?

We will build your system with Windows Server 2003. 2008R2 or 2012R2. You are free to install other applications and customize your Windows cloud server as you see fit.

What kind of Server Hardware do you run the Cloud systems on?

We use Dell Power Edge servers with XEON virtual technology processors.

Do you backup the Windows Cloud Servers?

Yes all the Windows Cloud Servers are regularly backed upon request.
Do your plans offer a custom DNS and email control panel?

Yes we offer both. 

How many IP Addresses do you offer with your the Windows Cloud systems?

Each Windows Cloud system comes with 2 dedicated IP addresses.

Is a Windows The Cloud System the same as a Virtual Server Windows system?

Yes!  Windows the cloud system is just another name for a Virtual Server Windows.

Do You Offer Upgrades To Existing Windows The Cloud System Configurations?

Yes we have 2 upgrade options: OPTION 1)   SATA2 Disk - 1 vcpu's-Xeon 3.16ghz, 20gig SATA2 HD, 500mb burst of RAM for an additional $40/month  and OPTION 2)  SAS (high Speed) Disk - 1 vcpu's-Xeon 3.16ghz, 30gig SAS HD, 500mb burst of RAM for an additional $50/month.

Do you offer dedicated servers?

Yes Sozo Hosting offers windows dedicated server and linux dedicated server as an option .

All Windows The Cloud Servers Include:

  • Control Panel for email and DNS Servers
  • High Availibility Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Storage Area Network
  • Intrusion Prevention Security Appliance
  • 24/7 Knowledgeable Support
  • Secured by Enterprise Firewalls
  • Spam filtering